What is Original Nothing?

The musical catastrophe and mess created by Travis Mcalhany.

Arranger,   Composer,  Songwriter and mutli-instrumentalist. Among those 4 titles this musical madman cannot decide of which of those he  actually is and may never know.  Travis was signed to X9 records under the name "Spectrum9" which is now used as  his own label  title. After playing in bands for some time,  he went to the side of audio production and hired others to help create content.  Travis is not bound to  one music style,  hence the name "Original Nothing",  also a cliche pertaining to the fact that it's all been done before and is rare to find music that is truly original outside established genres. Travis was raised in Ft. Lauderdale FL, and is now established in the state capitol of NC.  His music style can be akin to the likes of a modern day Frank Zappa;  creating over a span of genres while keeping one foot in hard rock.  He has done work covering music behind  Amy Lee of Evanescence and has worked with Chris Hodges of Neptune Blue.

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    Unsung Hero (With Chris Hodges/ Unreleased)

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